Epic Rhetoric

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Sean Hannity is one of the foremost conservative ideologue in America and his show Hannity’s America delivers his message flawlessly.  Through-out the last few weeks Hannity has opened his show with these seemingly doomsday montages of President Obama and other Democrats set to dramatic music like Lux Aeterna, made famous in Requiem for a Dream, and other music from epic motion pictures. 


This music sets a tone to the material just like the Marine and Army recruiting commercials do.  In both there is propaganda and rhetoric conveyed by the music playing in the background. In the Army and Marine commercials the music conveys honor, courage, patriotism, and strength.  In Hannity’s montages convey rampant fear as if Lord Sauron himself is storming Pennsylvania ave. as we speak. 


In this particular video “Socialism we can believe in” the music is epic and paints the democrats as the destroyers of America.  Despite all my research I could not quite put my finger on the composer of this peace despite its popularity. The music has that same parallel structure and ads and immense dramatic effect to the piece; as much as it offends me as an intelligent person it is quit brilliant.


 I believe that this blatant use of propaganda and rhetoric found in both the military commercials and in Hannity’s America dangerous and misleading, and so did Owens.  Owens himself was a victim of his work being used to promote an agenda, in his time the war effort, and these artists too are having there works bent by the will of powerful men.  In the end all I can do is have faith that the loyal viewers of Hannity’s America can hear through the music and realize that politics isn’t Hollywood and epically evil music doesn’t make those in the corresponding video right or wrong.






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