Spin and Monkeys

            “Spin” the story from The Things They Carried reminds me of a war blog called “Holly Crap!! A Monkey.”  In Spin O’Brien talk about how


            “war wasn’t all terror and violence.”


In “Spin” the soldiers play checkers to pass the time, give one legged kids chocolate, send envelopes full of lice to the draft board, take drugs, teaching locals the rain dance, run off with red cross nurses, and blowing up puppies.  All of which are events in war that are happy memories in an unhappy time.  In the Afghanistan war soldiers play with monkeys.

            In this blog the solider is radioed that the guards have a monkey so he grabs his camera and goes to investigate.  Upon arrival he sees a small monkey on a 10 foot chain.  The monkey is in his words “a puppy on steroids.”  It unvelcro’s everything on his jacket, bites his hands and runs around like a mad man.  He takes note of the monkey’s hands and how it has little finger prints.

            Stories about ordinary life continuing in extraordinary circumstances have been a theme throughout all are reading.  Regardless of where soldiers are they always find some semblance of home, some small eccentricity to quell their nerves and there boredom. 

            In this blog and in the Story the youthful soldiers make due with the surrounding and find ways to entertain themselves.  I find this remarkable because I do not know if I could approach day to day life in a war zone the way that most soldiers seem to.  I do not know if this is a coping mechanism or just a result of the resiliency of the dynamic human sprit but whatever the cause is it is amazing.  The thought of playing with a monkey or playing checkers when the possibility of death looms around every corner is something special.  However these are just boys and maybe that is the cause of this “Spin.”  In regards to the monkey I believe it is still in good health.  I just hope they don’t blow it up like the puppy in “Spin.”  


            Holy Crap its A Monkey


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