The blogging process has been a truly unique experience.  I have never considered blogging before class but now that I have started I realize what it is all about.  In my opinion blogging is about getting the story from the horse’s mouth.  Real contact with people, real connections, and real stories.

            Although I can’t say that I love blogging or that I will continue for the rest of my days I can say with the utmost certainty that I will blog again. It may not be about war but I will do it again.  I would imagine that I would proffer cheese sandwich blogs opposed to war blogs.

            Another thing that has blown my mind through this process is the RSS application.  I had no idea prior to this class that such and amazing information generator existed.  The RSS reader will be a staple throughout the rest of my academic career.  The possibilities are endless and its easy use will allow me to find articles that other wise would be unfindable.

            Another thing that I have grown to love about blogging is the language.  Its loose an colloquial.  It’s the language of the common man and it is relieving to be able to write in that manner.  I believe that blogs are, as the Aviator would say, the way of the future.  I think over time they will become the way stories are broke and will eventually become a multi-million dollar industry.

            Overall blogging was not my favorite thing to do, evident in my last minute posting.  However that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy looking at my page and seeing all of those posts that I worked so hard on.  If there is one solid thing I learned throughout this process is that blogging is the most personable way to write and it is the best way to convey opinions and beliefs. 


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